Patricia Helsel
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Teaching/Directing Evaluation:  Peer Review
Excerpts from Peer Evaluation by Professor Emeritus, Milton Olsson – FA 2830 Voice and Articulation:

“Trish is an outstanding teacher who is serious about her teaching as well as the success of her students.”

“ . . . she used appropriate audio and video materials, always maintaining excellent class interaction and involvement, not only with her students, but also among the students, themselves.”

“Trish is a strong addition to our faculty.”

Excerpts from Peer Evaluation by Associate Professor, and Director of Theatre, Ansley Valentine, Northern Michigan University – FA 2600 Acting I:

“The challenge in an acting class of so many beginners is trying to keep everyone engaged and moving forward. This class, in particular, seemed to be at all levels. Prof. Helsel did an excellent job of teaching to the individual and managing the educational process for each one.”

“Overall, I found Prof. Helsel’s work to be quite impressive. She displayed a level of professionalism that should be noted. Her demeanor on stage and off makes her an excellent faculty member for a program like Michigan Tech. She seems well suited to both nurture the beginner student as well as model the way for the more advanced student who plans to go into the profession. You should consider yourselves lucky to have found a colleague who can suit both purposes to equal aplomb.”